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Here at the University of Melbourne, we’ve created a collection of specialist courses to encourage the greatest minds to explore, challenge themselves and advance. We are passionate and motivated to deliver this, and so we’ve purposely designed and created courses that offer the highest quality education and provide exceptional learning experiences, 100% online. By studying with the University of Melbourne, you’ll learn from industry experts and leading academics, with extensive backgrounds in research, and interact with students from across the world through an enriching and connected virtual community.

The University of Melbourne has an outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching and research. This commitment to excellence has seen the University bring together the brightest minds to redefine best practice in online education to deliver unparalleled quality education, 100% online, to students worldwide.

Shaping this experience is our expert learning design team, who work collaboratively with academics using a combination of tools and techniques, powered through innovative technology, alongside a dedicated support team to give every student the best experience.

100% online, relevant and supported.

Progressive, niche and unparalleled courses for those who want to advance in their career, reinvent themselves or be a leader in their field.

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