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United International Business School MIM – magister zarządzania międzynarodowego – zarządzanie technologią
United International Business School

MIM – magister zarządzania międzynarodowego – zarządzanie technologią

9 Months

Język angielski

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CHF 33 600 *

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Program duration: 9 up to 12 months, full-time
Program format: Full-time, Part-time, On-campus, Online, Hybrid
Program language: English
Degree awarded: Master in International Management (MIM)
Deadline: no deadline to apply
Locations: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, Zurich
Starting dates: 8

Program duration

Full-time students can earn a Master degree in 1 academic year of 9 months, for a total of 3 quarters of 20 credits each, or within 12 months when spreading the workload.

Part-time students can earn a Master degree in 2 to 3 academic years, depending on the number of courses attempted per quarter, the course selection, and the course planning. Completing half the typical number of courses equals twice the typical duration of the full-time program. The more flexible your working hours, the more courses you will be able to join to finish faster. Students are considered part-time while attempting 6 or fewer courses per quarter. Refer to the Teaching Schedule information on this page for more details on available courses. Part-time studies are available only for students with a national passport or residence permit.

Kick-start your studies up to 8 times per year

Students can choose between multiple starting dates in the fall, winter, spring, and summer of each academic year. Our modular course design and program structure allow for optimal further education planning.

Because of the program's flexible structure and modular design, multiple starting dates are available throughout the academic year in October, November, January, February, April, May, July, or August. All campuses follow the same academic calendar.


Study destinations

Students can transfer between campuses on a quarterly basis with guaranteed program compatibility. Our quarter-based academic calendar allows for a continuous study-abroad experience across Europe and Asia.

Our 9 global campus locations are based in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, and Zurich.

Our campuses are all located in the city center of several exciting destinations. Students are encouraged to transfer between campuses for one or more quarters, but may also choose a single campus as their destination of choice. Students who prefer shorter periods abroad can join our seminar courses taught by visiting professors at several of our campuses throughout the academic year.



Po pomyślnym ukończeniu programu studiów studenci otrzymują międzynarodowy prywatny tytuł magistra zarządzania międzynarodowego (MIM) ze specjalizacją w zarządzaniu technologią, nadawany przez centralę szkoły w Zurychu w Szwajcarii, na podstawie rekomendacji wydziałów lokalnych kampusów, gdzie zdobyto kredyty.

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