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ESCP Business School MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics
ESCP Business School

MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics

1 Years

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Give your data meaning

The specialisation in Big Data & Business Analytics is part of Master Degree (DEAMIE)*

This specialisation trains you to be an expert in Business Analytics. Its primary aim is to provide an understanding of the significance of data in today’s business world. The specialisation features an interdisciplinary curriculum that helps students build the in-demand technical, analytical and communications skills needed to manage large data sets and drive organisational change.

Delivered in English on the Paris and Berlin campuses, it also includes an international seminar in China.

Open-mindedness and diversity

Students from the ESCP Master of Science come from various countries and have different backgrounds: engineering, pharmaceutical, literature, social and political sciences, etc. With many nationalities represented, they constitute a multicultural promotion that enriches exchanges and group work.

Since its inception, this programme has trained many students who are part of the network of 60,000 ESCP Alumni.

*About the Master Degree (DEAMIE)

Joining this full-time Master of Science corresponds to the determination to pursue a defined professional project and gives young graduates and young executives a combination of high-value skills sought by recruiters.

This programme provides academic expertise and presentation of the best professional practices. Our goal is to train experts who will be rapidly able to progress in a globalised world.

Students will obtain 1 degree: the French Master degree (DEAMIE) and 1 diploma: MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics.


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